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Brave Wilderness Host Stings Himself With A Bullet Ant; See Him In Excruciating Pain On This Video

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People are crazy to seek popularity on the Internet through viral trends and dangerous stunts. The Internet freaks like Brave Wilderness’s Coyote Peterson accepts any challenge to gain popularity. But one such challenge that goes far beyond the level of pain is circulating today.

The host of Brave Wilderness is well-known for taking bizarre challenges which involve immense pain and death-like agonization. He is getting immense popularity on YouTube for his chilling videos. The host has accepted a challenge in which he will be stung by a bullet ant. Is he crazy or is it just a popularity stunt??

Brave Wilderness: How the Bullet Ant Got its name

The bullet ant is at?the peak of the Schmidt sting pain index. As the name suggests it has been compared with the feeling of being shot. The immense pain includes burning and throbbing that will last for an entire 24 hours. The Brave Wilderness?s host Coyote must be completely out of his mind.

Challenges Faced by Brave Wilderness?s Coyote Peterson

It all started when Coyote Peterson accepted the challenge of feeling the pain of a Harvester Ant bite, which is the most toxic ant on the planet. Then he wanted to reach the limit of bearing pain. He accepted the challenge of the fire Ant. In the challenged, he poured his hands in the fire ant dust and then the fire ant started hitting him. The result is the most agonizing pain that one can ever imagine. His hands were swollen and hundreds of tiny moles emerged on his hands, which were filled with yellow pus. That?s disgusting.

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Then he went crazy and accepted a Bulwer Ant challenge. He was even stung by the Bulwer ant with the longest sting in the world, but the aftermath was his one of the biggest regrets. Then he was stung by Tarantula Hawk. The name itself sounds horrible and so we can imagine the pain from its bite.

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Now he was ready to accept the biggest challenge of his life, a bullet ant challenge. The encounter with 2 inches long, alien-like insect will give you goosebumps. But Coyote Peterson was planning to get stung by this horrible creature.?Watch the 13-minute real nightmare of Brave Wilderness? host here.

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