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Brave Frontier x Brave Exvius Guide: What To Expect From Rain, Fina, And Charlotte

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In celebration of their third anniversary, Brave Frontier developers have collaborated with Brave Exvius for an anniversary gift to the players of Brave Frontier. This means that there will be another add-on to the game.

Brave Exvius has been gracious enough to lend their famous characters to help Brave Frontier celebrate their milestone. These are none other than Rain, Fina and Charlotte. Let?s get to know them a little bit more, shall we?

Let us start off with Charlotte. She is one of the Knights of Grandshelt and has lent a hand to help you in battle. She is basically a good tank for your team. She has several stats that can help you push through any battle. Aside from that, she can also be your team?s healer because she also has a White Magic attribute in her. Finally, she can be a good guard for the team due to her Mastery of Heavy Shield. In summary, Charlotte is a tanker and also a healer with a strong guard, making it hard for her to be defeated.

Next up is Fina. True enough to any Final Fantasy character, she is a young girl that has lost her memories except for her name. Do not be fooled by Fina?s innocence and na?vet? because she can pack a punch using her bow and arrow. She is also good in wielding White Magic.

Finally, we have Rain. He is a knight from the Kingdom of Grandshelt who was entrusted to command an airship at an early age of 18. While he is carefree,?his loyalty to the king of Grandshelt is unwavering. A true knight to his core, he is good with wielding his sword.

For more detailed stats and information about these three characters, you can check these Reddit posts from Zexclive and GimuBangcat.?These strong characters are now available for players to summon in Brave Frontier. Is this the first step that people at Brave Frontier will take and follow along with more crossovers and special events to their game?

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