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Brave Frontier - (Image Credit to Neo Clips YouTube)
Brave Frontier – (Image Credit to Neo Clips YouTube)

Brave Frontier can easily be one of the most popular RPG games on Android and iOS. The game is pretty simple and easy to learn, but difficult to master. You can simply breeze through the single player campaign, battle in the arena, get involved in raid battles or get in the craziest action in an extremely difficult side quest known as Vortex Gates. Brave Frontier is pretty easy in the first few hours of the game, but it isn?t going to stay that way after that.

Here are some useful tips on making Brave Frontier a bit easier to play:

  • Enhance your top party with the use of fusion. This is one of the basics of the game, but it would serve you well to know the sheer importance of this.
  • Pressing the ?Back? button if your opponent is in the arena is obviously going to pawn you. This lets you go back in the Enter button screen, where you can press the button again to get a different opponent that you want to battle. This is useful if you want to preserve a good standing in your record.
  • We cannot stress enough that you need to load up with some serious amount of cures for battle. Using your karma to upgrade the synthesizer would be a good idea to be able to get more valuable items like revives and stuff.
  • Be patient about attempting to get rare units. Most of these units usually pop out from summons, but they also come out by using honor points. Some can even be found during quests, especially ones from Vortex Gates.
  • Playing Vortex Gates on different days can be beneficial when you are trying to farm for evolution materials. Monday gates get you lots of karma. Tuesday is ideal for Nymphs, Spirits and Icons. Mimics can be easily obtained on Wednesdays. Totems for Thursdays and EXP for Fridays.
  • As much as possible, earn free Gems. You get them from beating dungeons by clearing all battles, event prizes, and engaging in time-limited Vortex Gates.

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