‘Brave Frontier’ Guide in Getting Rare and Super Rare Units

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Brave Frontier - (Image Credit to Neo Clips YouTube)
Brave Frontier – (Image Credit to Neo Clips YouTube)

Brave Frontier can easily be one of the most popular RPG games on Android and iOS. The game is pretty simple and easy to learn, but difficult to master. Anybody can finish the main campaign in no time, but there?s also a lot of distraction to see in the battle in the arena. However, most of the side quests are a bit on the ?Hard? side if you don?t have enough strong party members, especially at Vortex Gates. It would be good to know how and when you can build up the right party.

There?s the usual type of units that you can easily come across, but we should be looking for RARE units. As the name suggests, they?re hard to find, but they?re also worth the trouble as they are a powerful bunch. We?ll just skip the one and two star units because they?re easy to acquire without relying to any guide such as this.

In order to get a three-star unit, you just have to evolve a two-star one. You can also acquire them by taking harder Vortex Gates or thru Honor Points summon (which is also rare). Doing a rare summon makes the chances of getting them a bit higher, but you have to pay five gems per-summon.

As you?ve guessed, a four-star unit can be obtained by evolving a three-star unit. Even when you try extremely difficult Vortex Gates, the chances of them dropping is almost next to none and it takes a considerable amount of luck to get them there. To get them easier, a rare summon is a good idea as it gets you four-star units.

The hardest ones to get, as expected, are the five-star units. Even rare summons can?t get them easily. The best approach here is to evolve a four-star unit, which can be painstakingly worth it anyway.

Aside from evolves, drops and rare summons, the arena is also a good place to acquire units, including the rare ones. Ranking up rewards you with units that you don?t easily find, so take this opportunity to rack up some rare units too. Boss raids also reward you with such units.

Brave Frontier – (Image Credit to Neo Clips YouTube)

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