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Brave Exvius Update: Final Fantasy 15 Noctis Confirmed! What To Expect In December Patch

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has finally reached its first year anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, the developers have prepared a special gift for their avid followers. Also, there will be a drastic Brave Exvius update ahead.

Recently, the team behind Final Fantasy Brave Exvius came up with a three-day festival to celebrate this joyous occasion. The said event will be held at Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya wherein each event will feature different prizes and giveaways for the fans.

Noctis Joins The Fight

The aforementioned events have finally ended and the trinkets that gamers received were awesome. But the most exhilarating part was when it was announced that the Final Fantasy 15 main protagonist, Noctis, will be joining the game.

Players in Japan can purchase Noctis and add him to their team once the Brave Exvius update rolls out. Using his massive array of weapons, Noctis is not a force to be dealt lightly with.

New Esper And Other Goodies

Furthermore, Noctis will not only be the sole addition to the character roster. Following him is a new original esper called Tetra Sylpheed with the main element of wind. The debut of this esper will be set around next week or so.

Aside from the big reveal, more goodies are still up for grabs. These include freebies of various items. From Lapis to Summoning tickets, the giveaways are of monumental amount (they did this through public picking of the possible gifts the fans can get in each event).

Mog Raid Compensation And December Gift

The production team has also heeded the complaints of the players that the ?Mog Raid” is too difficult to complete. They then re-balanced it and gave the players 5,000 Mog coins as compensation.

Finally, there?s Square Enix?s December gift to everyone. The first would be the six star upgrade of both Charlotte and Hayase. The second is the new game mode. This is where you select 10 characters of your choice. You can freely swap between your chosen characters during a battle.

The third surprise is an all-star Final Fantasy 3 cast of characters addition. The said characters will be Onion Knight, Desch, Aria and Sara. This will happen during the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius update event that will take place from December 1 to 14.

Finally, the collaboration between Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Monster Hunter will be debuting as well. This event is set to transpire on December 22. For the complete detailed list of the anniversary event, you can view it here.

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