Brangelina Divorce: Marion Cotillard Confirmed Pregnant, Could Brad Pitt Possibly Be The Father?

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Brangelina Divorce

The Brangelina divorce news has been taking over the headlines in many publications all over the world. While the news of the divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt devastated their fans, the bigger question as to what caused the split is certainly on everyone?s minds. A rumor spread previously that Brad may have cheated on Angelina with her co-star Marion Cotillard. Now the latter has decided to speak up and announce some huge news.

For those who may have been following the aftermath of the Brangelina divorce, you may have probably heard the name of Marion Cotillard a few times. The French actress is the co-star of Brad Pitt in the upcoming film Allied which is where the cheating rumors started. While Cotillard may not be as public as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, she took to social media recently in order to comment on the news that have people blaming her for the Brangelina split.

In a post on Instagram, Cotillard said, ?This is going to be my first and only reaction to the whirlwind news that broke 24 hours ago and that I was swept up into. I am not used to commenting on things like this nor taking them seriously but as this situation is spiraling and affecting people I love, I have to speak up.?

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The post further stated that she had met the love of her life years ago who and that he is the only one that she needs. She likewise commented on the media and haters who are judging her, saying that she wished them ?a swift recovery?. At the end of her post, she sent her wishes to Angelina and Brad saying that she hopes they will ?find peace in this very tumultuous moment?.

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The lengthy post confirmed two things, that she is denying having had an affair with Brad Pitt and that she is currently pregnant. Those are two huge news that her fans will surely be happy about. Brangelina fans however are likely still going to have their doubts.

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While Cotillard is denying the cheating rumors, Brad Pitt has not made any comment denying it. With Cotillard currently expecting, Brangelina fans are surely going to wonder if it is possible that Brad Pitt is the baby?s father.

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Cotillard is claiming that his long term partner Guillaume Canet is the father of the baby she is carrying. Surely fans are going to wait eagerly for confirmation of this. Do not be surprised if more controversy is going to follow Marion Cotillard and her pregnancy.

Be sure to check back here soon to find out more Brangelina divorce news as well as other trending topics in the world of Hollywood.

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