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Branch Monitor Arm: Maintain Proper Posture as You Work

It’s time to add this convenient tool to your office accessories stat!

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Choose smart office equipment like the Branch monitor arm:

  • High-quality and versatile arm monitor
  • Easy to adjust to your most comfortable position
  • Improves productivity and posture
  • Reduces back pain, neck pain, and eye strain
  • Will make your working area more organized and neater

One of the advantages of working from home is convenience. You don’t have to commute and deal with traffic every day. However, it can also be challenging and unproductive sometimes, especially if you’re unfamiliar and uncomfortable with the devices, office equipment, and other tools you could use.

A laptop or computer is an essential device when working from home. Aside from the accessories that protect your monitor from dirt and damage, you should also consider this high-quality and functional Monitor Arm from Branch.

The Branch Monitor Arm allows you to adjust your monitor’s height, depth, and angle to your most comfortable position as you work. You can change the pitch, horizontal angle, and tension to ensure an ergonomic fit. It’s compatible with most work areas and monitors ranging from 14 to 32 inches, and will make your workspace much more organized. 

Using an arm monitor will also help you improve your posture and reduce back or neck pain and eye strain, even if you’re sitting in front of a computer or laptop for long hours. You can find your best view and most productive self by adjusting its 360-degree rotating angle based on your preference.

You can get rid of tangled and messy wires with ease, as well, as it can hold and arrange wires with its built-in cable management clips. You can easily install it and clamp it onto the edge of your desk—no tools needed! The arm monitor’s aluminum color looks neat and eye-pleasing too—perfect for minimalists! 31 is definitely an efficient piece of office equipment, whether in a corporate or home office.