Brad Pitt Suicide Hoax: Actor Shot Himself?

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Brad Pitt death hoax
Brad Pitt death hoax

Everyone heard about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?s recent divorce. It?s left a lot of people in shock until now.

Divorce is never a good thing. It leaves both parties and the children in a horrible place. With Brangelina?s divorce though, just how bad did it leave them?

It?s normal to be sad. But was the split too much to handle for them? Well, a recent hoax has gone viral on the internet recently. The hoax details how the divorce and the whole ordeal was just too much to bear for Brad Pitt.

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The Hoax:

The hoax reports that the divorce was too much to bear and Brad Pitt committed suicide from the unbearable sorrow he suffered. The report explains that Pitt had taken his life last Sunday while he was at a shooting range. He committed suicide with a well-placed bullet to his head.

The report even detailed that the divorce was to blame for Pitt?s suicide. It explained that he was overwhelmed with the stress and it simply pushed him over the edge.

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Needless to say the report is totally bogus. Pitt is very much alive and well. He?s probably down in the dumps about the whole affair, but he?ll walk it off.


The Click Bait Scam

The whole hoax reared its ugly head on Facebook. To make things worse, the post holding the bogus report prompts people to complete a weird app permission before they can see the article. This alone should?ve sent red flags to sharp users.

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But alas, a good number of people fell for the story. Multiple users have already re-shared the post and voiced out their sympathies for the death of Brad Pitt.

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