Brad Pitt Found Dead? Actor Commits Suicide In Apparent Overdose After Angelina Divorce Ordeal Proves Too Much?

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Brad Pitt Found Dead

Brad Pitt was found dead as actor apparently commits suicide after divorce with famous wife Angelina Jolie proves too much. The cause of suicide? Substance overdoes.

This is yet another false??report that has been going around social media in an apparent attempt to get user’s personal details such as name and e-mail. Much like the Jaden Smith Dead and Sylvester Stallone Dead rumors, this ‘news’ seems like a virus in disguise found on Facebook. The user simply needs to click the Brad Pitt Found dead (Suicide) headline and the malware posts same headline in your own wall.

The news is definitely false as the headlined photo shows Fox News, but the link is from ABC Network.

Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie Divorce

It is not surprising that the actor will be the next ‘victim’ of this vicious attack. Pitt recently had a much-publicized separation with wife Angelina over some controversial reasons, and it putting who used to be Hollywood’s most powerful couple under unwanted attention. The divorce was announced only this week.

The reason for the couple’s separation is still quite unsure upto now, although Jolie cited irreconcilable differences in?the?case filed against her husband. She also asked for full physical custody of her kids, although she is willing to give visitation rights.

Another report also shared that the NBI is now investigating Pitt for a possible assault charges on one of their kids, Maddox. According to rumors, Pitt and Jolie had a heated row during a private flight and Maddox, their eldest got up to defend his mother against his father’s verbal abuse. Brad reacted quite violently, and this prompted Angelina to file the separation immediately. Pitt has also been hounded with rumors of substance abuse which Angelina has been trying to curb in their 14 years as a couple. This problem is said to be the reason of the actress’ health problems as she visibly got thinner through the years.

Brad Pitt Found Dead,?Angelina Jolie Found Dead

Some rumors have been speculating the divorce news for quite some time now, and many have pointed out Jolie?s alarming thinness. Angelina Jolie death, divorce and anorexia rumors have been hounding the actress for a while now but the most recent one is the death rumor that began circulating on Facebook a few months back.

The said rumor claimed that the actress had committed suicide and even linked a video of an alleged farewell message to fans and husband Brad Pitt. According to Snopes, the headline of the report said, ?CNN Video Footage: Angelina Jolie Says Goodbye to Her Fans and to Brad Pitt Before Doing This Suicidal.?

The horrific rumor about Jolie was even captioned, ?This is really sad, nobody deserves to die by suicide!! God will settle it all in the end, and only HE knew their heart!!! Rest in Paradise, Prayers for the family. Farewell JOLIE!?

Meanwhile, even before the horrific death hoax, Jolie has been plagued with back-to-back rumors about her suffering from anorexia and an impending divorce with Brad Pitt. The 41-year-old actress lost a lot of weight in an extreme way which led to rumors of depression.

Previous reports claim that her depression stemmed from marriage problems with Pitt who was reportedly threatening to divorce Jolie if she won?t change her unhealthy lifestyle.

For now, the whole world is mourning the loss of icons Brangelina and not just Brad Pitt.

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