Boy Meets World Mr. Turner Mystery Solved!

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Good news for ?Boy Meets World? fans: The cool, baffling, motorcycle riding Mr. Turner shows up in an episode of ?Girl Meets World.? He finally revealed what happened to him after leaving the previous show with little explanation.

Vulture.com explained that the beloved high-school English teacher/Shawn’s mentor/every middle-school girl’s crush last appeared on the show in season four’s “Cult Fiction,” where he got into a serious motorcycle accident.

The only reasonable explanation the fans got was from the shows character Minkus, who mostly served as Topanga?s right-hand nerdy man in the early days of the group. He eventually referenced Mr. Turner who left John Adams High School, Elitedaily.com shared.

According to Elitedaily.com, in an episode titled ?Girl Meets the New Teacher,? Cory hires a new teacher who is immediately fired for teaching Frank Miller?s ?The Dark Knight Return? on the first day of classes. Does she sound familiar?

Apparently, the new teacher was hired because it reminded them of a certain teacher who turns out to be the school?s superintendent ? Mr. Turner! And judging from the get up of the superintendent, his cool demeanor hasn?t gone down a bit. For everyone who expected that he?died, happy to say it wasn?t true. Vulture.com explains that he even married his nurse. Fans should think of what to do next after getting over Mr. Turner after a decade.

In GMW, it showed that Mr. Turner is a constant presence in the Matthew?s home, where he has dinner with the whole family and the kids actually call him ?Unlce John.? Seriously, fans of Boy Meets World can?t take it!

It?s heartbreaking to see anybody leave without any explanations, but rest assured Mr. Turner fans have now forgiven him for disappearing. Every ?Boy Meets World? fans can finally cross of the list of what happened to their favorite characters. And one thing is sure for as well, life is slowly making sense again.

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