Bound By Flame Tips and Tricks To Enjoy Spider’s Action RPG More

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Check out these Bound By Flame tips and tricks to guide you through Spider Studio’s new action RPG

Bound By Flame, developed by Spiders Studio, is a fantasy-themed action RPG released on May 2014. The game lets you control a victim who needs to choose sides; succumb to the evil, demonic powers about to consume them or favor the other side where they can learn heroic talents.

Though it?s a decent action RPG coming from a relatively small dev studio, it still has a few design flaws. But it does have some aspects that separate it from the rest. For instance, there are side quests that have time limits in place so you really can?t put off anything. There are more to this game than meets the eye, so be sure check out our Bound By Flame tips and tricks below to get the most out of it.

Learn more about character builds

To put it bluntly; Pyro is great for supporting all builds, Warrior is tank, and Ranger boosts damage per second. Focusing entirely on your Warrior tree will make it hard for you to play later on, since you will only cause little damage and absorb a lot. This is the suggested build: Pyro = 45%, Warrior = 30% (or Ranger, depends on your preference) and 25% for the secondary style. Select the right traits that works for your and balance things out as much as you can.

Focus on a single Skill Tree

As mentioned above, three unique Bound By Flame skill trees are available (i.e. Pyromancer, Ranger, and Warrior) to spend points on to increase Vulcan?s abilities. Most players chose to spread out points to all three but found out later on that it was sort of a bad move. By maxing out on one skill tree, you?ll end up having one solid ability set instead of just a sampling of each skill.

Never hurry to become a demon

It may be tempting to do so but it will also prevent you from wearing a protective helmet. True, it will increase your fire spell abilities but in return, becoming a demon will also diminish your resistance to ice (i.e. defense). It?s probably better to go for the Rogue-Demon combo if you really want to be a bad ass demon.

Learn the noble skill of Dodging

To dodge or evade attacks is essentially the most prudent approach you should apply in any battle, including boss battles. You must observe and learn your opponents? attack patterns and try to dodge at the right time. If you learn how this works and when you constantly keep your character moving, you can effortlessly flank and take out your enemies in no time.

Always maintain and increase your Health?????????

This goes hand in hand with dodging. In spite of being a great player and a great evader, you will still need all the health you can get. As you go on playing the game, boss fights will become more and more difficult. So a sufficient health along with Resistant from the Warrior tree is of utmost importance. One Bound By Flame tip is to take on Tough and Colossus as they provide considerable health boosts.



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