Boss Fight Breakdown Diablo 3: RoS Malthael on Torment Levels

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Blizzard fixed a lot of mistakes in Diablo 3 when it released the Reaper of Souls expansion with the new big boss, Malthael. What felt like a stagnant, diminishing-returns exercise in futility has now become better, if not more exciting. One thing that Blizzard usually orchestrates well is a bios fight and the Angel of Death?s fight in the end is no exception, even on higher Torment levels with the best gear.

So far, Malthael is the most difficult and challenging boss in the whole game (but let?s just put it out there that he doesn?t have a guaranteed unique drop). If you find yourself stuck or just preparing to take him down on the first try, here?s the breakdown of the boss fight with Malthael on Torment levels:

Stage 1 (Death clouds and power drops)

Malthael says his piece then swoops down at you which gives you minimal damage if you have 10M toughness. This attack can be dodged as well. Watch out for the death clouds here. They creep towards you and drain you like no other floor effect can. For this stage, Malthael usually keeps swooping in at the player then retreats to the middle of the area where he is vulnerable. The problem is, he?s conjuring drops of power that flow through him onto the floor that can cause serious damage. Unless your melee can take the damage and heal, better let the ranged DPS handle this part.

Stage 2 (Big negligible ghosts)

Malthael calls his souls, which are usually larger ghost-type creatures. Don?t worry, they won?t leave the area or go through walls like they usually do. If you can handle Torment levels, these ghosts won?t be a problem. This could be the easiest stage of the battle. Just keep hitting Malthael. The ghosts are around for the whole stage and will just keep respawning. They?ll leave when that stage of the battle is done.

Stage 3 (Ghost heads and death clouds)

An easy stage as well, Malthael conjures ghost heads that sweep around the arena in a circle that slowly tightens and tightens and sometimes deviates to hit you. These ghost heads pack a punch so be careful not to get hit by a lot of them in a row. Malthael is also starting to conjure more death clouds. Don?t stand near one because they?ll eventually move onto you and you might not be able to handle the life loss.

Stage 4 (Fire wings of almost-certain death and more death clouds)

The hardest stage and usually where everyone wipes, is where Malthael gets serious. Make good use of the two health pools on either side of the area. He can conjure two death clouds at a time now so the area might be filled with some narrow paths. He?ll go near you and attack for a bit with his sickles but when he jumps to the middle, be on your guard. He?ll unleash a volley of fireballs that can kill a low-toughness character. If you dodged that, be ready for his fire wings, which will take you out if you?re damaged or have low toughness. The only way to escape the wings is to be invulnerable for a few seconds, have enough HP to stand them or run directly to the area at his back, which is not affected.

The key to winning Malthael?s fight is to stay away from death clouds and get behind him for the fire wings. If you can maneuver between those two, you?ll kill him eventually. Happy hunting and we hope you get Reaper?s Wraps!

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