Boruto Naruto The Movie Spinoff Confirmed? All The Details Here!

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Boruto Naruto the movie was a big success in Japan and the ninja anime delighted numerous fans in US and Australia when it was shown in select cinemas this October 2015. Despite this success, Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto previously said that Boruto Naruto the movie might?not receive a sequel, leading numerous fans unaware what they should expect next from the series. But in New York Comic Con 2015, Kishimoto hinted his idea for a possible spinoff.

?I suppose one possibility would be to write the story from Sasuke?s perspective, or even the mentors, the teachers, especially like Jiraiya, because there?s a general difference there too,? Kishimoto told Anime News Network. Kishimoto detailed how he would do this:

?This actually just came to me but, for example? from what we?ve already seen of Jiraiya he?s very? not so much arrogant, but overconfident, blusterous, and very, very skilled. But there was a time when he was still young, when he didn?t really know much and he was kind of dumb too. So it?d be interesting to show that contrast.?

?Also, Jiraiya grew up in a time when the jutsu that we know now in the current Naruto worldview had not been refined, or even developed in some cases. So I think it would be fund to show that gap.?

During NYCC 2015, Kishimoto felt unsure what to do next with the Naruto series. He also confirmed that they have no plans yet on what they should do next with the series. ?If I decide that I want to do more Naruto stories, perhaps I will, perhaps I won?t. That said, there is nothing firmly in the works at this time. Just that there is always the possibility??

Kishimoto revealed at NYCC 2015 that he will be taking a well-rest by spending time with his family as he seemingly neglected them after working hard on Boruto Naruto. This means that it might be a while before we see updates about his next work.

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