‘Boruto Naruto The Movie’ Plot Revealed: Major Spoilers Ahead, Movie Has No Sequel?

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The latest ninja film titled Boruto Naruto The Movie has broken box office records?in Japan despite the flick being made available online by pirates. This may be because of the film?s strong plot as fans might have wanted to savor the movie in the big screen.

Naruto series creator Masashi Kishimoto is contented with the quality of Boruto Naruto The Movie which he directed, wrote, and produced. He also expressed that he feels he will not be able to outdo the quality of the film: ?I can?t draw better than this,? Kishimoto said as reported by Franchise Herald.

Boruto Naruto The Movie Plot

The movie will tell the relationship of Boruto with his father. ?Boruto wants to prove that he is stronger and that he deserves more attention from his dad. He gives a Ninja Qualifying exam as well to prove his worth, and sought the help of Sasuke for the same,? Yibada reported. The report said a sequel is highly possible because there was no closure between?Boruto and his father.

Boruto (son of Naruto) will be teaming-up with Sarada Uchiha (daughter of Sarada Uchiha) and Mitsuki to fight a menacing villain, Yibada reported. According to Crossmap, this latest Naruto movie will be filled with twists and turns with the presence of Orochimaru who is?now?more powerful than before.

Movie Sequel?

Despite rumors for a sequel, it looks like Kishimoto seems to be done with the franchise. According to AnimeNetworkNews, Kishimoto is planning to work on a new and fresh manga.

?I want to think once more about the difference between what I want to write and what readers are looking for when reading my works. I started thinking about this by writing Naruto and various one-shots. Naruto became an unexpected hit, but I want to make my next work a hit as well by actually aiming to do so,? Kishimoto told Kadokawa?s Entermix in an interview.

Boruto Naruto: The Movie will be released in select theaters in?US on October 10, 2015.

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