Boruto Naruto The Movie Mirrors Creator Masashi Kishimoto’s Life

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An aspect of Boruto Naruto The Movie perfectly mirrors Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto?s life, and it makes sense as this film was wholly made with his real vision. The film tells the story of Boruto, a seemingly neglected son of Naruto. Storytellers often place a part of themselves in the story, and Kishimoto reflects his busy life in Naruto.

Boruto Naruto The Movie shows what a child feels when his father is too busy to give him enough attention. Kishimoto himself has long publicly admitted that he has placed a lot of himself in Naruto and Kishimoto?s inability to spend enough time with his own son is the element he placed Naruto?s character, Comics Beat reported.

Kishimoto previously said at the New York Comic Con 2015 that he has poured hours of his life just to finish making the movie, to the point that he even had to skip his honeymoon just to see everything through.

?It?s only been recently I?ve been able to relax and spend more time with my children. It was only after I finished the screenplay and the production started that I was able to take a break.?

In the latter of 2014, Kishimoto?s interview with Kadokawa?s Entermix magazine revealed a bit more connections with how his life is related to the entirety of Naruto. Kishimoto himself as well as the other characters only gradually felt and knew how to treasure their own respective families, he jokingly said.

Despite the wide success of Kishimoto?s work, he has remained humble throughout his life and his words during NYCC 2015 clearly expressed this: ?To know how many love my work, the only thing I can think to say is: Thank you.?

Were you able to watch Boruto Naruto The Movie? The limited film showing has recently ended this October 21, 2015 in Australia.

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