Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Villains to Attack Konoha in Chapter 5?

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Boruto Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 4 left us wondering about the scrolls that Sasuke decoded. He was alarmed enough to want to tell Naruto immediately and to have the Chunin exams stopped. We also see two villains who seem to be on their way to Konoha after sensing the 7th Hokage.

Meanwhile, Boruto and his teammates are doing their Chunin Exams. Now on Phase 3, Boruto is still using the Kote to get him through the challenges.

Boruto is having issues with his dad, Naruto, because he is never around for his family, but always there when the town calls for the Hokage. So imagine his surprise when his Dad visited him in his room, the night before Phase 3 would commence. Previously, Naruto only sent an email to congratulate his son when he got past Phase 1.

With Naruto unsure on how to interact with Boruto, he gave him an awkward fistbump and wished him luck with Phase 3. We should remember that Naruto has an idea that Boruto might have used the Kote in Phase 2.

Naruto has banned the use of the Kote, a technologically advanced gadget that enables ninjas to use the Shinobi moves without losing one?s chakra. Naruto maintains that it ruins the ninja way of mastering the Shinobi arts.


This doesn?t stop Boruto from using the device, when he faces a ninja from the Hidden Cloud Village who produced nasty bubbles from his gum. Opting for a shortcut, Boruto produces tiny scrolls from his Kote that enables him to defeat Yurui in the end.

His next opponent is Shikadai who uses Shadow Possession Jutsu in the semifinal round. After being taunted to give up, Boruto remembered how his father had encouraged him the night before and gives in to the temptation of the Kote again. He produces multiple shadow clones, to which Shikadai graciously concedes.

Watching from the stands are the Konoha scientists who are very happy with the results of their device. On the other hand, Naruto, sensing the foul play committed by his own son, jumps on the battlefield and midway to a fist bump, grabs his son?s wrist to confront him about the Kote.

But going back to Sasuke who is on his way to the 7th Hokage to warn him about the scrolls, what could the decoded message be?

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