Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: What do the Scrolls Reveal?

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In Chapter 4 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto and Sasuke are out investigating scrolls the Uchiha has brought back. Neither one of them can decipher the scrolls. Reaching a conundrum, Naruto agrees that the investigation will take a good while longer. As Sasuke excuses himself, Naruto brings up the question of whether he was training Boruto. Sasuke is evasive and asks Naruto if his son himself has told him this, but Naruto reveals that he found out from Konohamaru. And without confirming, Sasuke reinforces his belief that the essence of a ninja never fades.

Meanwhile, Naruto faces his son after Phase 2 of the Chunin exam. The last phase that Boruto hurdled through, Naruto had sent only an impersonal email to congratulate his son. It seems he is a better Hokage than a father. To this visit, Boruto is alarmed, almost panicked at the unexpected Naruto congratulating him in his room. And though he thought his father could just send him an email, he is secretly pleased for the rare attention that Naruto has shared with him. We should remember though that Naruto has an idea that Boruto has used the Kote in Phase 2.

Preserving the Shinobi arts

As we all know, the 7th Hokage is not supportive of the use of the technological advancement invented by the Konoha scientists. This gadget is a shortcut, as it enables ninjas to use shinobi moves without losing one?s chakra. Naruto maintains that the use of this device takes away the essence of the Shinobi arts, a ninja way that he aims to preserve.

On the other hand, as the Konoha scientists watch Boruto?s performance, they are happy with the results and presumes that they will be making an appearance, presumably in the market, soon.

Sasuke returns to the scrolls, in the meantime, and gets results from the Konoha decoders. Sasuke is not happy with what he hears and sets off to tell Naruto immediately. He thinks the Chunin exam should be suspended.

What did the Konoha decoders deduct from the scrolls? Why does Sasuke seem troubled enough to think that the Chunin exam should be suspended?

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