Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Possible Cancelation in Sight

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Four chapters have already been released for Naruto spinoff Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, but rumors circulating say that the manga might be headed for cancellation. Critics say that the anime?s storylines are not that strong, and the previous 4 chapters offer nothing new.

Since it?s based on the Boruto: Naruto the Movie, the previous chapters seem to be just a retelling. It may need to introduce possible story arcs which could pave the way for bigger and more compelling stories.

One possible arc could be that the new series will introduce another type of chakra wielder or a new race. Another arc could be that Boruto, based on his dream, would be able to unlock Byakugan?s true power. Boruto dreamed of his older version fighting a warrior named Kawaki. According to the dream, Kawaki claims that with his power he will end the era of Shinobi. But Boruto insists that he remains to be a shinobi despite attaining that kind of power.

Furthermore, in Boruto?s dream, he seems to have unlocked the true power of the Byakugan, which has given him enormous strength.

Kawaki threat

On the other hand, with the threat of Kawaki destroying Konoha, the future of shinobi world seems to be in great jeopardy. What would happen to Naruto next? Kawaki claimed that Naruto will die in his face off with Boruto.

There is also a debate on Metal Lee?s mother. Many speculate that Tenten, Rock Lee?s teammate is the young Lee?s mother.

Meanwhile, as we wait for Chapter 5, spoilers arise that Boruto Uzumaki will be disqualified from the Chunin exams where he has cheated with the use of the Kote invented by the Konoha scientists. Naruto himself has seen him in action, and this does not sit well with the 7th Hokage who is an endorser of keeping the Shinobi art alive.

There are also 2 mysterious men who are after Naruto?s power, and they are seen speeding towards Konoha village. Fans are also eagerly awaiting to find out what Sasuke has discovered regarding the decoded scrolls.

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