Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 4 Prediction: Boruto Kicked Out of Team Konohamaru?

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The action seems to be picking up in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Team Konohamaru advances to the second phase after they go through their first hurdle. Phase one involved letting the Ninjas choose between true or false.

Trick question! The examiner reveals there is no real answer, but rather a test on their will power to continue with the Chunin exams. As the team advances to Phase 2, they find out that each team needs to protect their own bases, while trying to capture their opponent?s flag.

Shadow Clone Technique

Boruto, feeling confident that the Shadow Clone Technique he learned from Sasuke is enough to power through the second phase, finds himself facing his opponent who can produce 9 clones. His limit, however, is a maximum of 4 clones. In his desperation, he turns to his Kote, which he cleverly hid in his sleeves (or so he thought), and produces a Water Style Bullet, King Lapis Flower, Lightning Style Bullet and finally, the Violent Breath, which diminished his opponent?s last clone.

While fans eagerly await for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 4, speculations arise about what would happen next. We saw Boruto cheating on the second challenge of the Chunin exams by using the Kote. It is a recent invention that empowers anyone to use any ninjutsu without chakra.

Preserving the Shinobi Arts

His father, Naruto, the village?s Seventh Hokage (Seventh Fire Shadow), has banned the use of this apparatus which defeats the purpose of sustaining the shinobi arts. ?

Another prediction is that Sarada Uchiha will lose her temper and scold Boruto. Cheating done by one of her teammates might affect her dream of herself becoming a Hokage someday, and so there might be a brief rift in their friendship.

Ultimately, Team Konohamaru might be disqualified due to Boruto?s carelessness. Will the team kick him out?

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