Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 4: Naruto Confronts Boruto

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Boruto advances to Phase 3

Boruto Uzumaki and Team Konohamaru advance to Phase 3 of the Chunin exams. Somehow, Naruto seems to know about his son?s deceit during Phase 2, and visits him the night before the event. With an attempt to have his son confess to him in private, Naruto tells Boruto: ?Good job, you did well.?

Boruto, who is not used to having his father around all the time, is surprised by this visit. After hurdling through Phase 1, all he received from his Hokage father was an email of congratulations. But Naruto, who seems to be intent on trying to prod his son to confide to him about the Kote he acquired, which is hidden under his sleeve, tries again by attempting a fist bump, and saying in jest, ?Don?t go losing to Shikadai.? Boruto does not concede, and Naruto lets him be for the night.

The third phase of the Chunin exam involves individual battles, wherein even their own teammates can be matched against each other. The final round is a 3-man battle royale between the winners from the 3 teams. During phase 3, the 7th Hokage is in attendance to witness the battles amongst the aspiring youngsters.


Boruto prevails over his first match against Yurui of the Village of the Hidden Cloud, even after the latter?s threat of being ?wontsee?d??knocked out so hard, you won?t see it coming. ?Boruto advances to the semi-finals to face Shikadai, which his father has told him not to lose to the previous night. With Boruto using his Shadow Clone Technique, which we all know from Chapter 3 produces a maximum of 4 clones only, Shikadai vanquishes all 4, and prods Boruto to concede. Boruto?s answer is to once again turn to his Kote to get him through it, and proceeds to produce multiple shadow clones of himself. Shikadai, being a good sport and knowing when he?s beaten, gives up voluntarily, which leaves Boruto victorious.

Naruto, on the other hand, sensed the foulplay, and being the honorable hokage that he is, then proceeds to confirm his suspicions about Boruto?s successful advance.

What could be the Hokage?s action after a blatant display of cheating from his son? Stay tuned to The Bitbag for updates.

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