Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 4: Boruto Caught Red-Handed

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The latest chapter in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will see Boruto maybe finally getting the axe this time, when the Hokage personally sees him wearing the Kote right after he defeats Shikadai during Phase 3 of the Chunin Exam.

The Kote, invented by the Konoha scientists, is a device that lets a ninja use any jutsu even without proper training. The 7th Hokage, Naruto, had already banned this because he wants to preserve the proper development of the Shinobi arts.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 4 starts with Shikamaru coming into Naruto?s office and mildly taunting him that their sons might be facing off during Phase 3. Naruto tries to appear unconcerned but as soon as the other ninja leaves, the proud father screams ?yes!? to himself.

The third phase of the Chunin exam involves individual battles. The contenders will be pitted against each other, even those within the same teams. Each one who loses gets eliminated and the prevailing fighter would advance to face the winner of the other pairings. The final round is a 3-man battle royale between the ultimate fighters of the 3 teams. During the match, the 7th Hokage is in attendance to witness the battles amongst the aspiring ninjas.

Boruto?s first fight is against Yurui of Village of the Hidden Cloud. Yurui fights with dual katanas during their close-combat, all the while chewing gum. It just so happens that gum chewing is part of his weapon, as he fills the battlefield with bubbles. Boruto quickly reaches into his ninja bag to disguise his arm from pulling scrolls from the Kote on his wrist and launches a shuriken that goes around the bubbles and past Yurui before he can even produce another of his bubble tricks.

Fist bump trap

When Boruto advances to the semifinal match, he faces off with Shikadai, Shikamaru?s son. This event puts his prediction to Naruto into fruition of their sons facing off.

Boruto uses his Shadow Clone Technique, which produces a maximum of only 4 clones. All of which Shikadai vanquishes, taunting Boruto to concede. Boruto reaches into his ninja bag again to hide the Kote and retrieves scrolls to conjure multiple shadow clones, leaving Shikadai to concede.

Naruto, who has sensed his son?s deceit, jumps down on the battlefield and proceeds to grab his son?s wrist to expose the device. And so what happens next? Stay tuned to TheBitBag to learn what?s in store for both father and son in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 5.

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