Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 3 Updates: Boruto To Be Caught Cheating On Chunin Exams By Naruto?

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By this time, everyone is curious on what will happen in the forthcoming Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 3 and we got this thing covered for you, folks. We have previously reported that the said chapter will be revolving around the Chunin Exams.

It is expected that Boruto, son of Naruto, will be involved with a battle against an examinee too. During the fight, Boruto will be unleashing the Kagenbunshin to uncover a clone of himself. Six clones will be unraveled, however his foe will be doing the same thing as Boruto, creating 10 of his own clones.

Boruto will be in extreme danger as his opponent will be cornering him. This will prompt him to put out a scroll which will release volumes of water resulting in a massive flooding, which then drowns his rival.

As for the Chunin exams themselves, it seems that cheating can happen. And of course, it will be caught. It must be noted that the use of a device especially those created by the Science Ninja Weapons are extremely prohibited. Boruto will be found out using a hidden device during the exam.

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He will be caught cheating by no less than his father, Naruto. In as much as the father wants his son to pass the exam, a necessary disciplinary action must be implemented as a consequence of his action. He will order to disqualify Boruto from the exams.

Naruto will be asking his son if he indeed cheated on the exams. Well, Boruto will honestly admit that he did. He can?t lie to his father, after all Naruto is the seventh Hokage, he will know. However, Boruto will be mum when asked by friends on how he does several impressive techniques. The confrontation between Naruto and Boruto will coincide with a fire.

It should be known that the forthcoming movie Boruto: The Movie also have the same storyline with Boruto cheating on the exams. On the other hand, the Chunin exams will be further expound. The examination consists of three parts: the written, the forest of death, and the preliminaries.

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