Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 3 Spoilers: Sasuke Loses Scrolls To Village Intruders

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As fans are very excited to see Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 3, more spoilers are being uncovered about the forthcoming edition. Here?s what we have gathered so far:

According to reports, Chunnin Exams will have to be postponed as two antagonists are set to intrude in the village. These villains are looking for the Shinobi scrolls. Spoilers revealed that Sasuke Uchiha will be waiting along with Sakura for the exam to begin. He then reminded his daughter that he will not be staying until the end of the exam as he has something to do about the scrolls.

It should be noted that Sasuke is the one keeping the scrolls. He seems to be confident that it will not be harmed in his possession. The ninja will be overly confident that he will forget the danger that comes with holding the scrolls.

Sasuke plans to know more about the scrolls so he is thinking of asking help from someone who is knowledgeable about it. And since the exam will be taking quite some time, the ninja will be going to the expert who will discuss the scrolls with him.

Meanwhile, Boruto will be encountering the two villains. He will be asked if he had seen Sasuke. He will say that Sasuke is going outside the village then the two will leave him in Konoha?s entrance. The two are expected to be hunted down by the ninjas in the village. However, these villains are no ordinary enemies. Yes, they will succeed in looking for Sasuke.

Sasuke will also notice that shinobis are following him. This will prompt him to move quickly and keep the scrolls far from the villains. The intruders of the village, however, already have the knowledge that the scrolls are with Sasuke.

Fighting alone against the two shinobis, Sasuke will be find himself losing the scrolls to the two. This is despite his impressive and strong abilities when it comes to combat. No official update about the release has been said as of the moment.

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