Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 3 Recap: Boruto Passes First Test; Naruto Congratulates Son!

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As the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 3 has been released, a lot has been said about the story, especially about the Chunin exams. So here?s what we have gotten so far:

The third installment of the Boruto manga started off with Kankurou and Gaara going to Konoha. While on the train travelling for the Chunin exams, Kankurou asked three young ninjas if they are prepared for the examinations.

One will be answering his question while two will ignore him. Meanwhile, Shinki, Gaara?s rumored son, also appears on the manga. He will be advised by his father not to worry about him but to pay attention to their rivals.

On the other hand, someone in Konoha is also preparing for the exams with one-handed pushups. This guy will also be seen reminding himself not to be nervous so his efforts will all pay off.

The lead characters in the manga, Boruto and Sasuke, have the spotlight in Boruto: Naruto Next Generatons Chapter 3. Boruto will be successful in bending the shuriken while Sasuke will be able to hit a target while bending around a tree. This amazed Boruto.

He asked Sasuke on how he did that, to which the latter will answer that there are so many ways on executing things. He also said that Boruto should discover these variations through himself alone and avoid asking for help from anybody.

During the Chunin exams, everyone was asked to gather in Konoha for the first of three levels of the examinations. Sai took the helm of facilitating the exams, which will be a true or false question. The question however came from the fifth volume of a book used for the exams.

Sarada was troubled with as she only reviewed up to the fourth volume. She asked Boruto about the possible answer of Sasuke. She went to the opposite of Sasuke?s answer. Those who got the answer wrong will automatically be eliminated.

But, the twist was that both choices are wrong so everyone fell down into the pits after the ground shook. Of course, each team used their capabilities to save themselves. It was seen that Shinki will be using his sand jutsu and prevent his teammate from falling.

On the other, Sarada unleashed her kunai to save Boruto. Shiadai also survived the consequence of the first question. The lesson learned from the first level of the exams was if you accept defeat easily then you don?t deserve to be a Chunin.

Meanwhile, Boruto?s father Naruto was informed about his son passing the first challenge. But, Naruto appeared to be not interested on the progress of his son. It should be noted that Naruto and his family have a conflict as of the moment.

After the first exam, Boruto went to his bed when he got an email from his father, which extends his congratulatory remarks to his son.

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Sasuke will continue to help Boruto perfect shuriken. The latter will be complaining on why he does not have a Uchiha blood. This will surprise Sarada as she expects Boruto can do a lot of shadow clones like his father. However, Boruto can only do four at most.

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