Boruto Naruto Manga: Everything You Should Know

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The Boruto Naruto manga is reportedly in the works. However, to this date, there are neither additional details nor information that have been released except for the announcement made by Shonen Jump.

According to Yibada, Shonen Jump announced that the Naruto franchise will have a new manga series after the ?Next Generation? concluded on Dec. 19 last year. The digital manga magazine said that the new series will be about Boruto, Naruto?s son.

Granting that the Boruto Naruto manga is already in the works and will be published in Weekly Sh?nen Jump, here?s everything that you should know about it.

It was reported that Boruto Naruto will not be written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The famous manga creator of the Naruto franchise is reportedly firm with his decision that he would not write any more manga related to Naruto. He is now interested in science fiction and will likely write a manga in that genre.

So who will draw the Boruto Naruto manga? Reports say that it?s none other than Masashi?s assistant artist, Mikio Ikemoto. If there is someone who is familiar about Naruto, it would be Ikemoto because he worked closely with Masashi on the franchise.

Crossmap says that since Masashi is not interested to draw any Naruto-related manga, he will instead ?supervise? Boruto Naruto. The story of the new manga will be penned by Ukyo Kodachi. The writer has worked with Masashi before since he ?has been involved in writing Naruto – Gaara Hiden: Sajingens? novel and Boruto Naruto the Movie.?

There is no official announcement yet as far as the release of the publication is concerned. However, Anime News Network says that the Boruto Naruto manga will run on Weekly Sh?nen Jump beginning Spring 2016. From then on, fans could expect a new Boruto series to be published every month in the popular digital magazine.

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