Boruto Manga Series News: Story A Continuation of Naruto’s Adventure?

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While the story of ?Naruto? may have already ended, many manga fans are still thirsting for more. Recently, ?Naruto? fans received great news as it has been announced by Shonnen Jump that a spin-off manga entitled ?Boruto? will be coming soon.

The ?Naruto? manga ended in November of last year after running for 15 years. Since the manga?s conclusion, the public demand for ?Naruto? hasn?t died down. Because of the continued public clamor for more, Masashi Kishimoto has already made two ?Naruto? movies, namely ?The Last: Naruto the Movie? and ?Boruto: Naruto the Movie?. Both movies were huge successes. Now, Shonnen Jump has announced that ?Naruto? fans can look forward to a new ?Boruto? manga starting this spring.

According to a report by Crossmap, the new manga will still stay true to the original story and characters of ?Naruto? as its creator Masashi Kishimoto will still be overseeing the manga as a supervisor although he will not be the one drawing it. For ?Boruto?, it will be his long-time assistant Mikio Ikemoto who will be doing all of the drawing.

The report also mentioned that another person who will be joining Kishimoto and Ikemoto for the upcoming manga spin-off is Ukyo Kodachi. Kodachi has written other ?Naruto? materials in the past such as the novel ?Naruto ? Gaara Hiden: Sajingens?? while also serving as a coordinator for the screenplay of ?”Boruto: Naruto the Movie”.

Although no specific details have been revealed, it is said that the spin-off manga will revolve around the character of Boruto who is Naruto?s son along with a new generation of Konoha ninjas. It has been confirmed that manga will be running on Weekly Shonen Jump starting in spring of this year.

If you are a big fan of the ?Naruto? manga, ?Boruto? is surely something that you should never miss. Be sure to stay tuned for more details about ?Boruto? and what we can expect in the exciting new chapters of the ?Naruto? universe.

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