Boruto Manga Gets a Monthly Release Starting May 2016; But Kishimoto’s Naruto 1-Shot Comes Earlier?

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Naruto fans! Your most awaited Boruto manga will finally get a monthly publication starting May 9, 2016. This is the moment that you have all been waiting for! You will be reading each issue regularly. It?s like the Naruto days all over again.

When Masashi Kishimoto announced that Naruto days are over for him, fans were heartbroken. This franchise has been a part of their lives, be it in the manga or anime series. The fans grew up with it and have passed on the love to their family and friends.

When the official announcement about the new addition of the Naruto Franchise had been made, imagine the relief and happiness on their faces. As an update of Boruto manga and Naruto 1-shot, Anime News Network says that ?the official website for the ?Next Generation? of the Naruto franchise revealed that Mikie Ikemoto’s upcoming Boruto spinoff manga will debut in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on May 9.? It is also further noted that the digital manga magazine will publish one chapter a month starting its 23rd issue.

As for Naruto 1-shot, it will be published on April 25. Kishimoto will have it published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, combining the ?22nd and 23rd issue. It appears that after this Original Naruto 1-Shot, Kishimoto will move on to a different genre as he previously announced in 2015. However, he will closely work with Mikie Ikemoto as a supervisor. Ikemoto will mainly work on Boruto manga spinoff.

Working with the manga creator as an assistant before, Ikemoto knows pretty well the Naruto series by heart. No one else could bring continuity as far as the visuals are concerned but him. This new manga series will also be a team up with ?Uky? Kodachi (Naruto – Gaara Hiden: Sajingens? novel, Boruto -Naruto the Movie- screenplay cooperation) since he will be penning the script.?

Fandom Post has a short description of the plot concept of the spinoff manga. It states ?The new series focuses on Naruto?s son Boruto and his adventures, essentially moving us forward while keeping strong connections to the past.?

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