Boruto Manga 2016 Spoiler: Will Sasuke Be the Permanent Mentor of Boruto?

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Boruto Manga is already creating noise as it is bound to be released this 2016, and while the fans are waiting for its availability, a lot of speculations are already circulating around the series. One of those is the role of Uchiha Sasuke in the main character?s life.

It was already reported that the upcoming manga series will feature the life of Uzumaki Naruto?s son, Boruto. We all know that Sasuke played a very huge role in the original plot of the series, especially to Naruto, his former teammate in Team 7 under Hatake Kakashi. However, with Boruto as the main focus of the installment, and Naruto as the seventh hokage of Konoha, fans are wondering what could be the significant role of Sasuke in the series.

According to the Wikia?s profile, which was reported by Youth Health Magazine, Sasuke, after the ninja war, has been traveling around the world of ninjas to help the Five Great Nations with everything. He has been helping the villages whenever there are things that suddenly appears, especially if it tries to disturb the peace they have worked for.

But, what is amazing about Sasuke is that he never boasts of the things he has done for their nation. He has done it silently, which is somehow familiar to the works of Naruto?s mentor Jiraiya, who also ?wields immense power constantly on the road.?

Well, that is the obvious role of Sasuke as also presented in the last movie of Boruto. But aside from that, another possible role for him is to become the full-time mentor of Naruto?s son, Youth Health Magazine added. That would not be impossible, because during the movie, Boruto expressed his desire to make his dad?s friend as his teacher. However, there is still no available information online to confirm the role of Sasuke in the upcoming series.

The Boruto Manga Series will be illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto and will be written by Ukyo Kodachi. Meanwhile, original Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto decided to step away for a bit from the series and play the role of a manga supervisor, said Anime News Network. The series is expected to be released this spring on a monthly basis via Shonen Jump.

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