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Bored of Pokemon GO? Try the New ‘Pokemon Uranium’ for PC, Downloadable File Inside

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Pokemon Go

Just over a month ago, Pokemon Go was just a name. However, now, the gaming landscape has changed for good, thanks to this unputdownable game. But if you are looking for something classic, this news will excite you as PC-based Pokemon Uranium has just been released after nearly a decade of development.

Pokemon Uranium: What is it? What Does it Do?

Apparently, a gaming fan has developed and released the new Pokemon Uranium game. This game comes with a brand new story, bunch of pocket monsters, complete with truckload of abilities. It allows the players to explore a whole new world.

There are reportedly more than 150 varieties of?Pokemon to hunt down. A bunch of them are new, while some of them are recognizable. To top it all off, there is a new type called ?Nuclear.? As the name implies, this type is very powerful against everything. At the same time, it is apparently weak to everything,?KitGuru noted. This feature in specific looks to be a unique combination.

Speaking of the gaming environment, players reportedly start out as a 13-year-old. The guardian of this teen apparently gives up. Hence, he accepts a research job and starts to collect information about the local Pokemon.

You can beat rivals, thwart plots and the game also offers mega evolutions. You can earn badges and explore the world. A detailed Tandor region is also available for exploration with inspiration from real world cities.

Pokemon Uranium: How to Download?

As it turns out,?Pokemon GO fans tried downloading the Pokemon Uranium game in scores and ultimately crashed the servers. Nevertheless, this game can be downloaded from the developer?s own Mega page. The file size is 263.2MB.

A?couple of hours ago, the official handle tweeted this:

And the latest tweet says:

Technically,?CNet says the Pokemon Uranium game has been developed on Gameboy Advance software and the graphics looks like the ones seen in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green games, released in 2004.

On a related note, Pokemon GO fans should note that the next version, Pokemon Sun and Moon, will debut in the Nintendo 3DS in November this year.


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