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Borderlands Online Is Explosive, But You Have To Wait A Long Time To Play It!

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We may cry as we want, but this free-to-play Borderlands MMO is only available in China.

Shanda Games and 2K Games showcased the first gameplay footage for Borderlands Online at Chinajoy 2015 event in Shanghai, China. Chinajoy is one of the largest digital entertainment expo in China where it showcases the upcoming titles developed in the mainland.

Borderlands Online will be a free-to-play MMO first person shooter/RPG hybrid and will be available for both PC and mobile. Similar from its retail version, Borderlands Online will feature tons of quests and ?gazillions of guns? to loot and will have four character classes from the original.

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What makes it new with the game is that it will be bigger open world game with other players sharing the same map, there will also be closed PvP matches in arena-type maps. This is not a surprise for 2K Games to release an online version of Borderlands as China has the largest market for online games, reaching at around $13 billion in game sales and digital content purchases and is expecting to double the revenue this year.

The two-minute trailer showed some of the highlights from the game, but from the looks of Borderlands Online, it seems like they are recycling some of the assets from Borderlands 2 and re-skinned some models for the MMO. No voice-overs were present at the video, it?s possible that it will be focused more on text conversations, though it could affect the entire gameplay experience as Borderlands was widely popular due to its humor and colorful characters. But there could be changes in the future as the game is almost complete on their development stage.

Borderlands Online will commence its closed beta in China on August 12, no info yet on a possible English release for the MMO shooter-RPG

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