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Borderlands 3 Skips PAX East 2017; Gearbox Teases ‘Unannounced Projects’

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Borderlands 3
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Gearbox Software held a panel at PAX East 2017 and discussed their upcoming releases. However, Gearbox didn’t mention Borderlands 3 and teased other “unannounced projects.” Here’s what happened at PAX East 2017.

PAX East 2017 Events

According to the official PAX East site, Gearbox Software’s PAX East 2017 panel was set on March 12. The panel page lists Borderlands, Battleborn, and Brothers in Arms as Gearbox Software’s projects which could be discussed in the panel. However, fans were disappointed after failing to hear anything about Borderlands 3 during the event.

Fan Disappointment

Fans expressed their disappointment on the Borderlands subreddit. Fans noted that the Gearbox panel didn’t talk about Borderlands 3. The Gearbox Software panel was only about Battleborn and the upcoming Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition. Gearbox Software may have another chance to talk about Borderlands 3 at E3 2017 in June, Tokyo Game Show in September. or the next Game Awards this year.

Unannounced Projects

On Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford Twitter posts, he explained how the studio works at the moment. According to the tweets, Gearbox Software works optimally if they make different games at the same time. Additionally, Pitchford explained that other “unannounced projects” are independently worked on as the Battleborn team continues making content. Pitchford may have hinted that Borderlands 3 has been in longer development since the last time they confirmed the game.

Pitchford may have been teasing that confirmed projects like Borderlands 3 and their other unannounced games are being developed at the moment. Currently, Gearbox Software has yet to fix the unhealthy Battleborn playerbase and releasing Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition this April.  However, fans just want Gearbox to give an update on Borderlands 3. Usually, games that don’t get too much updates may be in development limbo or have been silently cancelled.

Borderlands 3 reveals so far

Gearbox Software has revealed some Borderlands easter eggs in Battleborn. The easter eggs are about a new location, some information about Borderlands’ highly capable but barely developed character, and a warning about the vaults. Players expected Gearbox Software to discuss Borderlands 3 after the easter egg, but they were disappointed at the studio’s PAX East 2017 panel.

Release Date

As of now, Borderlands 3 doesn’t even have a release date or a release window. Players are still waiting for more information besides the confirmation that it is Gearbox Software’s next title after Battleborn. We’ll have to wait until the next official announcement or major event before Gearbox Software finally addresses Borderlands 3’s release. Stay updated with more gaming news here on TheBitBag.

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