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Borderlands 3 News: Scooter Voice Actor Leaves Gearbox Software

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Borderlands 3
Source: Tales From The Borderlands video from The Shadow Shot

Borderlands writer Mikey Neumann has confirmed that he has left Gearbox Software due to health issues. Neumann’s work at Gearbox Software also includes giving the voice to the Catch-a-Ride owner, Scooter. It seems Scooter’s return is unlikely for Borderlands 3.

Left The Company

According to Neumann’s Twitter, his full time job will now be for his Movies with Mikey ( Chainsawsuit Original) Youtube channel. Neumann claims that he’s left the company on “1,000,000% amicable” terms with Gearbox Software as he can’t do the work anymore. Without Neumann around, chances of seeing Scooter around in Borderlands 3 are slim.

Back in 2011, Kotaku reported that Mikey Neumann had a stroke that affected half of his body. Neumann also admitted on Medium that he had been suffering multiple sclerosis for five years now. Neumann already mentioned that he couldn’t “physically do the work anymore,” which could be directly mentioning his current health problems.

Scooter [Tales From The Borderlands Spoilers]

Even though he suffered a stroke last 2011, Neumann was still able to reprise his role as Scooter in the Tales of the Borderlands series released last 2014. Scooter was still the owner of Catch-a-Ride and helped Rhys and his friends get to the Hyperion Base in outer base using a rocket ship he made. His only deal with joining the trip is to make sure that the rocket works well and leave a Catch-a-Ride ad in space.

However, this trip proved to be Scooter’s last ride as he got his hand stuck to an unstable rocket booster as he was trying to fix it. Scooter eventually chooses to sacrifice himself rather than let the rocket blow up along with the ship. After Tales of the Borderlands, Scooter’s fate is left unknown as the rocket exploded far away from the screen. However, Scooter’s voice actor has already left Gearbox Software, which further muddies the chance of the character returning for Borderlands 3. Along with Roland, Scooter is arguably one of the well-mannered, helpful and less insane characters allied to the Borderlands main cast.

Borderlands’s Writing

Neumann worked as a creative director for Borderlands 1 and 2. The stories and characters written to be funny, relatable, or even touching to an extent. Even though Borderlands is set in a wasteland, the non-player characters in each area prevents the game from feeling too lonely or draining. Neumann’s character, Scooter, is also a deep enough character that is fun to interact with and never falls flat in his appearances. We’ll just have to wait if Gearbox Software can deliver a good Borderlands 3 story without Neumann around.

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