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Borderlands 3 Misses E3 2016; What To Expect From Battleborn Devs’ Next Game

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To fans? disappointment, Gearbox didn?t say a word about Borderlands 3 at E3 2016. The event concluded last week, but details on the highly anticipated sequel to the RPG first-person shooter is still under wraps. Fans are wondering how long the studio will make them wait for the upcoming game. Gearbox has already confirmed that the game is still in development, but it has been silent about the titles? gameplay, story and other details.

Gearbox has not named the game and it is unknown if the game will be officially called Borderlands 3 or not. To find answers, many fans were looking forward with high hopes during E3, but the developer disappointed fans as it did not reveal any information about the game. In April, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed on Twitter that the studio is working on a new Borderlands project.

Gearbox released Battleborn in May, and the developers are still hard at work to provide more content for the game. It presumably means that Borderlands 3 can go through a long development time before it reaches shelves.

Although E3 2016 disappointed Borderlands fans because not much information was available about the game, the studio president Randy Pitchford has confirmed via Eurogamer that Battleborn art director Scott Kester will be working on the new game. Gearbox?s Mikey Neumann will be working on the story.

The new game is expected to be set in space as an expansion of its predecessor, and it might also feature similar space elements. Borderlands 2 was packed with action, and fans can expect the same from the new game, as Borderlands 3 will feature more explosion and intense fights. No official information is available regarding the game?s release, but we expect it to hit PS4, Xbox One and PC in the near future.

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