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Borderlands 3: Why Gearbox Should Include Roguelike Content

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Borderlands 3

Previously, Gearbox Software?s Randy Pitchford confirmed that Borderlands 3 is their next game. Due to the lackluster performance of their recent shooter, the Borderlands series may have to step it up to attract many fans again. Potentially, Borderlands 3 can rely on elements from roguelike genre to further improve the game?s formula. Here?s why Borderlands 3 should be more ?roguelike? than its previous entries.

Roguelike Borderlands

All of the previous Borderlands entries were set in an open world portions of Pandora or its Moon. Using the open world setting again will definitely excite fans as they have another large world to explore. However, the ending of Borderlands: Pre-Sequel teased that there are still many Vaults outside Pandora. Implementing an Open World per planet with a vault in it may be fun for fans but costly in development.

Gearbox Software can set these vaults up like roguelike dungeons with randomized rooms for players. The game may still use its open-world movement system to let players use whatever cover or gimmick that the dungeon generates for them. At best, the randomized dungeon generation can keep the game fresh as players won?t always have an idea on the next room they?re getting into. Gearbox Software can play with the roguelike aspects like letting the players keep their looted weapons if they manage to leave the place alive. However, Permadeath features may make the game punishing and not fun for players who just want to shoot and loot in Borderlands 3.

Taking Ideas From Other Games

Gearbox Software can also package a roguelike experience that’s only constrained within dungeons and not the whole game itself. Gearbox Software can take a page from Ubisoft’s The Division Survival mode expansion. In that game mode, players start with barely any good equipment and players must successfully extract loot to a chopper in order to bring home the loot for use in the main game and multiplayer

Another game Gearbox can take an idea from is the Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne. Players in Bloodborne can engage in randomly generated areas called Chalice Dungeons. The main allure of this game mode is that it can always bring a fresh experience to players as players never explore the same area twice. Players bring all their character gear and stats in Chalice Dungeons and it’s only a fun place to farm resources.?

Borderlands So Far

At best, most players know Borderlands for its self-aware humor and loot system. More often than not, players like the game?s main villain, Handsome Jack, because of his dark and witty quips as he antagonizes the main cast. Most of the cast tend to be remembered for humor as they?re written with witty dialogue and character. Meanwhile, most of the game?s ?Psychos? are insane, psychotic and often babbles nonsense which make them fun.

Other than its cast, the Borderlands series is also known for its randomized loot system. Weapons in Borderlands range from regular guns, rocket launchers, laser guns, and even silly guns that shoot literal exploding guns. At best, Gearbox Software can bank on their reputation on humor and weapons in Borderlands 3.

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A More Serious Borderlands

Potentially, Borderlands 3 may lose the insane and silly world it has built throughout its entries if they ever leave Pandora. However, Psychos can potentially be found on other planets if the other Vaults were able to turn its planet?s citizens crazy too. If not, Borderlands 3 might have regular treasure hunting Roguelike adventures in the Vaults.

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