Borderlands 3: Four Player Split-Screen, New Guns, And What You Can Expect

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Borderlands 3

Gearbox Software?s Borderlands 3 has already been announced as the company?s next game. So far, both Gearbox and its fans may have an idea on what Borderlands 3 can do to be successful. Here?s what you can expect from Borderlands 3.

More Multiplayer-focused features

More than its loot First Person Shooter gameplay, the Borderlands series is known as a fun multiplayer game to play with friends. According to AnthomX?s thread on the Borderlands Reddit, a split-screen multiplayer mode for Borderlands 3 would help the game grow its community more. ?Previously, Borderlands: the Handsome Collection remaster featured a four-player Couch Co-Op mode. However, the game?s split screen may create aiming problems as the halved screen may take a significant part of the game view from both players. Regardless, any feature that encourages Borderlands 3 player cooperation will definitely work in the game?s favor.

New Gun Manufacturer

In the whole Borderlands series, players could choose from eight Gun Manufacturers that have unique gun themes. In its seven-year existence, fans have already exhausted the game?s gun mechanics regardless of the game?s system of making lootable guns unique from each other. A new Borderlands 3 gun manufacturer could allow players to study a long list of unique guns and its company?s style again. Alternatively, Gearbox Software could just rework one of the existing Gun Manufacturers to make it more interesting or create a different version of it.

An Opportune Time

Due to Gearbox Software?s experience with Battleborn, they are likely to choose a time for the game?s release where they have fewer or no strong competition to fight against. Blizzard Entertainment?s Overwatch and Battleborn had similar release dates, but Overwatch heavily attracted most of the First Person Shooter audience at the time. Currently, Battleborn suffers from low population count which is unhealthy for the game in the long run.

Potentially, Borderlands 3 may pick a month where almost no games or direct competition are going to be released to ensure their success. Due to Borderlands? reputation of having a silly story and dialogue, some players may be encouraged to pick it up because of its novelty. The Borderlands community is still alive for each game until now, so it’s possible that this entry?will be a sleeper hit. For now, we?ll have to wait for Gearbox Software to announce anything about the game?again.

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