Borderlands 3: What It Can Learn From Battleborn’s Mistakes

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Borderlands 3

Recently, Gearbox Software released their own hero shooter, Battleborn. However, the game was significantly less successful than Blizzard Entertainment?s Overwatch, which has taken the early lead in the genre. Currently, Battleborn is unable to compete with its genre rivals at a relevant level. Here?s how Gearbox can learn from Battleborn if they are still planning to make Borderlands 3.

Avoid going up against hyped releases

Gearbox?s Battleborn is definitely an underrated game with its own colorful cast of 27 characters which surpasses Overwatch?s roster. Though Battleborn has its own balance and system, Blizzard Entertainment?s game was more well-received than Battleborn by a landslide. While the hype for Overwatch didn?t stay permanently, it was enough to divert players? attention from Gearbox?s game. However, Battleborn still has plenty of opportunities to improve its player base as long as a smash-hit patch hits the game or if it becomes ?free-to-play.?

Return to their narrative roots

Currently, Battleborn has a low population count, as seen in its demographics on Steam Charts. Meanwhile, Overwatch still has a good amount of population and has taken the lead from League of Legends in an important eSport country, South Korea. For now, Battleborn is an underdog game in the hero shooter eSport genre. Regardless if Gearbox is aiming to include PvP in Borderlands 3 to make it an eSport title, Gearbox should opt to play their strengths in creating a colorful narrative in their game.

While Battleborn may have a unique set of playable characters, the setting of Borderlands allows its narrative to shine with memorable characters like Handsome Jack and Tiny Tina. Additionally, Gearbox?s flair in coming up with comedic flavor text for every item and weapon is incredible, making item collecting a little more interesting in the game.

Use Battleborn mechanics in Borderlands 3

Battleborn has certainly brought unique characters to the hero shooter genre in general. If Gearbox decides to return to making games like Borderlands, players will have a large assortment of character abilities for eSports. If possible, Gearbox may strike a comfortable middle ground for hero shooters like Overwatch and loot shooters like Destiny in the potential Borderlands 3 release.

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