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Borderlands 3, New Bioshock Game, And Other Titles Possibly In The Works From 2K Games

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Borderlands 3
Source: Borderlands – Character Trailer video

Take-Two Interactive has published some memorable franchises in the past but we’ve yet to see another new game from the company. We might be in for a treat though as the company is said to be publishing a highly anticipated new title. There are a lot of possible titles when thinking of Take-Two Interactive and that includes Borderlands 3, a Grand Theft Auto, and several titles more.

Take-Two Interactive recently released its earnings report and among the details we found out is that company will deliver is a “highly anticipated new title from one of 2K’s biggest franchises.” The floor is open for a lot of possible titles and here are some of the games that 2K Games could be working on currently.

Borderlands 3

The most likely title under 2K Games could be Borderlands 3. 2Khas already revealed a few screenshots showcasing the game’s engine and we already know that the game is coming sometime in the future. 2K Games have yet to officially announce the title, but Gearbox Software has already acknowledged and teased Borderlands 3 multiple times in the past.

BioShock 3

2K is one of the main proponents behind the BioShock series which is one of the best shooters to date. The last entry in the series, Bioshock Infinite, was released way back in 2013. A remastered collection of all Bioshock games, called Bioshock the Collection, was launched in September 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Considering the success of the franchise, BioShock 3 shouldn’t be off the list of possible titles being worked on by 2K Games. 

Bulletstorm 2

Another possible title that 2K Games could be working on is Bulletstorm 2. Although 2K is yet to confirm whether or not the sequel is coming, the sales of Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition will be the deciding factor on whether a sequel will be made. For now, we can at least assume that it’s Bulletstorm 2 that the developer is working on.

New Duke Nukem

The last time we’ve seen Duke Nukem in a brand new game was in Duke Nukem Forever back in 2011. The game wasn’t received well by even the biggest fans and chances are, 2K would like another chance at the franchise. We wouldn’t be surprised if a new Duke Nukem game is announced anytime soon.

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