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Borderlands 3: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

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Borderlands 3
Source: Borderlands 2 in-game screenshot

Gearbox Software’s Borderlands series have been lax with gameplay systems with its combat and loot systems. Stats in Borderlands can get so outrageous that it can be considered imbalanced. However, most of the systems aren’t broken and works just fine as it should be. Here’s why gameplay systems in Borderlands 3 shouldn’t be immensely revamped.

Overpowered Fun

In the whole Borderlands series, most of the late game is focused on massively chunking off the enemies’ health through high damage. Their character’s skill trees will help dish out that raw damage or through elaborate setups with other gameplay systems. In a way, Gearbox Software didn’t design the series to have a deep stat equipment system.

Even with its flawed systems leaning to just dishing out the maximum damage and optimizing equipment is still possible through correct combinations of weapon passives and skill tree builds. At best, priming for a well-rounded build usually boils down to dealing damage to enemies rather than general toughness and survivability.

Geared For An Outrageous New Game+

Latter New Game plus playthroughs like True Vault Hunter and Ultimate Vault Hunter does give an avenue for players to use these high damage equipment. However, the enemies are also built to be excessively strong, which can kill players fast, turning Borderlands into a simple risky shootout. Overall, Borderlands delivers the series to a fun PvE game with its broken systems.

Fit the Story

The Borderlands series is filled with lunatics and power-hungry villains which rarely touches on the politics of the situation. The game’s most moral character, Roland, was even killed, but not without an emotional scene.

The whole series shines when it’s not taking itself seriously, which also plays a role in pavying the way for fun quests and gameplay systems. Borderlands 3 will need its unbalanced systems to deliver the humor beyond dialogue.


Any effort to balance out Borderlands 3 will make it feel different. Balancing out Borderlands 3 may also give way for it to have competitive multiplayer modes rather than the usual narrative PvE experience. If Gearbox Software chooses this path, they may have to put up with fighting other titles like Activision’s Destiny 2 because of its similar systems. Gearbox Software may have lost against its rivals with Battleborn, but it might have a chance if its Borderlands 3 we’re talking about.

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