Boost Mobile will launch unlimited plans that aren’t actually unlimited

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It?s the elusive cell phone plan that everyone wants to have, unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and unlimited data. The problem with that, is carriers will think you have unlimited cash too, so they?ll bill you like crazy. Well, not anymore, as Boost Mobile says that they are launching new unlimited plans that are also cost effective.

There will be 3 new ?Monthly Unlimited Select? plans to be offered starting at $40 a month according to the Sprint owned prepaid carrier.

Here comes the tricky part, although these plans are touted as unlimited, they actually aren?t as they don?t provide endless high speed data. For example, the basic $40 plan will include 500MB of 3G/4G high speed data connections, and once the cap has been reached, the speeds will be lowered. The $50 plan comes with a cap of 2.5GB, and the $60 plan caps at 5GB. Users will have the option to pick and choose the best plan that fits them.

It is also important to remember that 4G LTE coverage is still not available in all areas. As of right now, Sprint?s 4G LTE network is providing coverage to over 443 markets, which include major cities like Boston, Houston, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Sprint Prepaid Group President, Dow Draper said that: ?We understand that customers don’t want a ‘one size fits all’ plan because everyone’s usage and needs are different?. He also added some comments about the different plans, saying: ?These three plans represent competitive offers that simply add more value.?

The good news about this update is that the new plans will be available on all phones in Boost Mobile?s collection, so that you won?t have to pay more to use a smartphone compared to a regular phone. This holds true even for the much anticipated latest phones like Samsung?s Galaxy S5, that is slated to arrive for Boost on the 19th of May.

According to Draper, this puts them back in the running against the competition. He stated that: ?With Monthly Unlimited Select, Boost Mobile once again evens out the playing field with compelling, competitively priced offers?.

Photo Source: Boost Mobile official website

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