Boondock Saints 3 Release Date: Film Confirmed; Read Up on Some Comic Relief While Waiting

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Boondock Saints 3 Release Date
Boondock Saints 3 Release Date

Boondock Saints 3 is in the works. The creative team and stars themselves have confirmed it already. We?ve read part of the script, the title was revealed, and even part of the storyline was shared to us. But no official word yet on the actual Boondock Saints 3 release date. So what more can we do but sit and wait. Oh and yeah, watch the first two movies to keep us entertained. And here are some movie mistakes to quench your thirst for every itsy bitsy teeny weeny kind of information you can get your hands on about this movie series.

The Boondock Saints Movie Mistakes and Bloopers (1999)

Other mistake: Rocco taunts the Russians and he gets punched in the face. And yet he continues to talk in a steady tone. He reaches his punch line while falling into the bar.

Continuity mistake: Il Duce gets to the house and begins shooting at the three. He appears in front of the car without any hubcap. But during the battle, there’s already a hubcap on the wheel.

Visible crew/equipment: He takes the Russians guns and bag, after throwing the toilet and landing on it. Then he picks up his brother. In this scene you can clearly see the shadow of a boom mic holder on the ground.

Continuity mistake: The brothers kill the mobs in the hotel. When they were shooting at the men in the counter, there’s no case visible. But in the scene where the brother finds the case of money, it’s right there on the counter.

Visible crew/equipment. During the firefight scene, Rocco and the brothers walk out of the house and see Il Duce. The crew members can be seen in the sunglasses. The clearest of them was the head-on shot of the three guys with Rocco at the center. The man with the red jacket holding the camera can be seen in all clarity. He, along with about six other members of the crew. There were several other shots between the timestamps wherein the crew members’ reflections were seen in the sunglasses.

Not enough? Afraid we?ll just have to settle for those for now. For more of the Boondock Saints 3 release date news and latest updates, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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