?The Boondock Saints 3: Legion? Release Date, Rumors: New Movie Is A Prequel?

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The Boondocks Saints III: Legion
The Boondocks Saints 3: Legion

The third installment of the 1999 cult classic movies series, The Boondock Saints 3: The Legion, is finally in the works. Seven long years since the second installment in 2009, the production got a green light recently.

Confirmed first back in September last year, The Boondock Saints III was revealed when writer/director Troy Duffy shared some plot details along with the official title. Reportedly, the third installment would be dedicated to brothers Connor and Murphy McManus and will follow their journey after being elevated as folk heroes. Duffy went on to explain that the title refers to legions of people who follow in the footsteps of the McManus brothers, taking matters in their own hands to clean up the streets. Also, the movie will go back in time to witness the McManus brothers commit their first crime.

The Boondock Saints 3

Though the second Boondock Saints only proved to be moderately successful, Duffy hopes to cash in on the popularity of actor Norman Reedus for the movie?s success. Reedus known for playing Daryl Dixon in AMC?s The Walking Dead has a massive fan following.

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Boondock Saints Casting Details

Both Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery are reprising their roles as brothers Connor and Murphy McManus, respectively. Sources also reveal that other big names in the industry are being considered for the movie.

The Boondock Saints 3 Movie

Allied star Brad Pitt was offered a role in the Boondock Saints 3, but Duffy was hesitant to introduce him to the movie. Apparently the director had his reservations as Pitt already portrayed an Irish man in the The Devil?s Own. Sources also reveal that actors Ethan Hawke and Keanu Reeves were also eyed for lead roles. But it turns out Duffy wasn?t happy with the idea and even called and insulted the duo.

Though not much is known at this point, Reedus, however, recently confirmed that he will be joining the filming in 2016. His AMC show, The Walking Dead, has already started showing season 7 and he is likely to remain free in the coming months. Rumors even hint that his character on the zombie apocalypse might even die. Perhaps this is where he will depart from the AMC drama to focus on his movie project.

If these were not enough, Duffy also promised to make the movie as soon he gets the script right. He has been sharing the script details on his social media for the past several months. It points to a likely swift production schedule for Boondock Saints III: Legion either at year-end or starting 2017.

Release date for the The Boondock Saints 3 remains elusive so far. In the meantime, stay tuned to TheBitBag.com for latest updates.

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