Boondock Saints 3 Legion Release Date, Cast & Spoilers: Let?s Take a Moment to Know Willem Dafoe

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Boondock Saints 3 Legion
Boondock Saints 3 Legion

Fans are getting more and more impatient for the official announcement of the Boondock Saints 3 Legion release date. And, everyone’s been scrounging around for whatever info they could find about the McManus brothers, played by Sean Patrick Flanery and the now super famous The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus.

It’s normal for people to talk about the cast playing the lead characters most of the time. But what people don’t realize is that cinema magic doesn?t work that way. The supporting cast is just as important. They build up the main characters and make them shine even more. So let’s take a second to get to know one of the most talented character actors of our time–Willem Dafoe.

Boondock Saints fanatics will recall Dafoe as FBI Agent Paul Smecker. He’s a brilliant but eccentric, emotionally troubled gay man who was assigned to the murders that have been linked to Murphy and Connor McManus.

William J. “Willem” Dafoe

Dafoe was born on July 22, 1955. He is an American actor and was a member of the experimental theater company called the Wooster Group. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his roles as Elias in Platoon (1986), and as Max Schreck in Shadow of the Vampire (2000). His other movie appearances included The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), The English Patient (1996), American Psycho (2000) and the Spider-Man trilogy (2002-2007). He also had voice roles in Finding Nemo 1 and 2, Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) and the upcoming adaptation of Death Note showing in 2017 per Wikipedia.

“I’m seduced by strong directors…I like the crazy ones.”- Willem Dafoe

For those who don’t know, Dafoe is also included in the latest Justice League movie that’s going to be released next year. No, he’s not playing the villain this time. Unlike what he did in the Spider-Man trilogy wherein he played the legendary Norman Osborn and his alter ego, the

Green Goblin. He’s playing Vulko, a classic Aquaman character that dates as far back as 1967 per CinemaBlend.

But as much as he enjoys being part of these glamorous, big budget superhero films, he enjoys small, independent films made by strong directors. In an interview with The Guardian for his Dog Eat Dog movie promo directed by Paul Schrader, he was asked if there’s a certain point he’s expected to accept the roles the directors offer him. The small clutch of directors he’s very loyal to.

He answers, “It’s case by case. Generally, I’m quite seduced by strong directors, and directors who make personal films. Plus, it’s nice to be an ongoing element in somebody’s body of work. It’s fun for me, and it’s fun for audiences to see an ensemble go from piece to piece. But if the role doesn’t make sense, or I think someone could do better, then I have a bit of a crisis.”

A lot of the directors he works with also have certain reputations. When asked if it gets easier, like stories about his director Schrader, this is what Dafoe has to say.

?Well, you know, I’m not marrying the guy. I don’t have to sleep with him. If the work is good, that’s what it’s about. And, you know, I kinda like the crazy ones. I like the ones that are original thinkers. There’s nothing wrong with a polite, kind, stable director, but it’s a little more exciting when you never know what’s going to happen.”

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And that my friends, is what makes Boondock Saints? Willem Dafoe great. For more of Boondock Saints 3 Legion cast and other updates, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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