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How can you resist detonating a bunch of cute bunnies that make adorable noises? Okay, you’re not really detonating them, but it sure seems like it, with all of the fireworks that go off on the screen when you match at least three bunnies. This is an Xbox Live Arcade title that was put out by Sierra Online and I can tell you right now that this is another one of those addictive casual gaming titles.

At first glance, it plays like Popcap’s Astro Pop. It’s a color-matching game. Except in Boogie Bunnies, you don’t pull the bunnies down from the top of the screen, you only throw bunnies up sort of like the arcade classic Bust-A-Move. It seems simple at first and what’s more deceiving is that it seems like a game for kids, but attempting to move on past the first few levels is no small feat.

The soundtrack is a mix of typical adventure game music for children and techno. Don’t ask me why, but there is also one song that sounds like an Annie Lennox song.

This game has the typical casual gamer modes: Arcade, Classic, and Endless. I think that the term “Classic” is funny, because it would lead one to believe that this is a remake of a classic title. I’m actually not certain what the difference between the two modes is except for the fact that the Classic Mode is apparently not on a time like the Arcade mode is, but again, I couldn’t tell the difference. The only reason one would play Endless is for the sake of the achievement, because it gets extremely monotonous to play with the same background for long periods of time.

The co-op mode is also good for a few chuckles. I played several games with my wife who is actually more hooked on this game than I am. I only have two complaints regarding this mode. The two players cannot move past each other, which makes for some frustrating moments and accidental bunny launches. To explain, you have a blue bunny and you go to the other side of the screen to hit a pair of bunnies and right as you are about to release, you unexpectedly run into your partner and end up not hitting your desired target. My other gripe is that that there is only one achievement associated with this mode. I should also mention that there is not a way to continue with a partner once your game is over.

Fun gameplay aside, the graphics consist of simple 3D graphics that you see in so many of the latest casual PC games online nowadays. I do give the developer bonus points for presenting the game in a colorful and appealing way. As much as I would hate to describe anything as such, it’s “cute.”

The verdict: Buy It. It’s 800 MS Points. It’s not much. It’s worth hours of mindless entertainment and it’s a game you can play with a buddy. Finally, it’s actually challenging once you get into it.

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