?The Bold And The Beautiful? Spoilers: Tension Arises As Baby Boy Arrives

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Expect a tension-filled episode from ?The Bold and the Beautiful? as Ridge and Caroline expect the arrival of their baby boy, as per the report of Inquisitr. We?re hoping that all the tension dissipates because there?s no greater joy than welcoming a little bundle into the world. But issues arise as Thomas gets dragged in with the new-born baby boy.

The spoilers teased that next episode will see Caroline going into labor and reports revealed that it was Thomas who will help her, yet again. Thomas? involvement will be misinterpreted by Ridge, resulting in bad blood flowing anew between the two of them.

It should not be discounted that Ridge will also be present when the baby arrives. Is Ridge the real father of the baby? Well, here?s something you should think of: as recalled in the report of Inquisitr, Thomas has been very worried since he returned to fix things with Caroline. The two spent a night together which (hold your horses!) will have a big impact to Caroline?s life. The series? teasers also showed how difficult it is for her to hide the truth to Thomas.

So, are we thinking the same answer to the previous question? Ridge, on the other hand, seems to be very receptive to the role of being a father as he excitedly announced the big news to his family.

Meanwhile, spoilers also bared that Ridge and Rick will also figure in an intense battle. Well, not a literal physical battle. It appears that a supposed business talk will reach into personal topics that might lead to a confrontation.

So when will the secret finally come out? We don?t know yet. But what we know for sure is that this week will reveal a big secret. What that secret is, no one knows for sure. So, are you Team Thomas or Team Ridge?

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