Boku No Hero Academia 121 Spoilers and Chapter 120 Recap: League of Villains Attack

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Boku No Hero Academia 121 Spoilers

Chapter 120 picks up from the fight between Izuku and Katsuki. All Might intervenes to stop them from further hurting each other. Will Katsuki keep All Might and Izuku?s secret? Or will he betray them? Here is a chapter 120 recap and spoilers for Boku no Hero Academia 121.

Chapter 120 Recap

The two continue to fight with Izuku, enhancing his kick to 8%. This increased his speed but injured his arm as a result. For a brief moment, Izuku felt confident getting ahead of Katsuki.

Katsuki countered with an explosive attack and Izuku blocks this with an One For All powered up kick. This throws both of them off. Still, the two continue to fight with everything they?ve got.

Later on, Izuku got surprised as Katsuki engaged him in midair. Izuku readies to use One For All Full Cowl punch, just to show Katsuki why All Might chose him to be his successor. He hits his foe directly in the face, causing him to bleed.

But without any intention of losing, Katsuki retaliates by grabbing Izuku. Katsuki brings him up in the air and slams him onto the ground with an explosive force. Soon, he declares himself as the winner, though both of them are badly injured.

All Might?s Secret

Suddenly, All Might appears to stop them and apologizes for eavesdropping on their fight. Katsuki immediately presses for answers on why he chose Izuku. All Might then explains that on that day, he believed that Izuku was a hero and that he needed to help him.

Boku No Hero Academia 121 Spoilers

Katsuki felt that he is weak for not being able to free himself from the League of Villains. It pains him to see that All Might is no longer a Hero. All Might replies that it is not his fault since all roads have an end and he was going to end up in this state no matter what. He encourages Katsuki that he is strong and embraces him in an apologetic hug.

All Might hopes that after this fight, the two of them can now raise each other up. He strongly believes that the two of them can surely become heroes who can both win and rescue. The chapter ended with Katsuki vowing to protect Izuku and All Might?s secret.

Boku No Hero Academia 121 Spoilers

Rumor has it that in Boku No Hero Academia 121, the League of Villains will now make their move. This will start with Himiko Toga shapeshifting as Izuku to cause chaos. Some say this will allow Tomura to discover All Might?s secret.

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