Boku no Hero Academia 120 Spoilers, Chapter 119 Recap: Izuku Beats Katsuki

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Boku no Hero Academia 120 Spoilers

Men are usually not very good with confrontation and so they release their pent up emotions by fighting. This is what Izuku and Katsuki are doing. Are they going to become friends afterwards or will they continue to be sworn enemies? Here is a recap of chapter 119 and spoilers for Boku no Hero Academia 120.

Friends or Enemies?

Izuku decides to fight Katsuki as it will be the only way to make him understand his side in all of this. The two go at it with everything they?ve got. For some time, Katsuki is on the offense side, while Izuku dodges and counters. Moving faster and not giving his opponent time to think, which puts Izuku at the disadvantage.

Izuku realizes that his classmate has gotten better at analyzing movements, becoming even faster than him. He then acknowledges Katsuki?s improvement. However, Katsuki gets irritated and launches an explosion. Good thing Izuku is able to avoid this. They exchange attacks and Katsuki continues to rant about how annoying Izuku?s personality and life is.

Despite the insults, Izuku tells Katsuki that all this time he thought of Katsuki as an amazing inspiring person who was even closer to him than All Might. He was a person whom he looked up to and was jealous of everything he can do. But this time, he would not let Katsuki have his way.

Boku no Hero Academia 120 Spoilers

Breaking Limits

Izuku activates his One For All Full Cowl and targets his opponent. Katsuki is taken aback after seeing Izuku moving more faster than before. Putting all his emotions in this attack, Izuku increases the limit of his power from 5% to 8%. He launches an 8% One For All kick at Katsuki.

In Boku no Hero Academia 120, Izuku gains more confidence after discovering that he has caught up to the level of Katsuki. He almost beats Katsuki but rumor has it that before Izuku can hurt Katsuki, Eraser will appear to stop them.

Other speculations include the suspension of these two students.

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