Boku no Hero Academia 119 Spoilers: Bakugou and Midoriya To Be Expelled

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Boku no Hero Academia 119 Spoilers

Bakugou continues to blow off steam at Midoriya. Despite, Midoriya?s plea not to fight, he soon gives in and takes his rival head on. What will happen to these two students once their teacher, Eraser, finds them? Here is a recap of chapter 118 and spoilers for Boku no Hero Academia 119.

The Fight

While at ground zero, a security bot sees Bakugou and Midoriya fighting. This bot alerts their teacher Eraser. Eraser hurries but someone stops him as soon as he was about to leave. Who could this be?

This person will be revealed in Boku no Hero Academia 119. Though judging from the size of the hand, it should be another student. Perhaps Todoroki.

Bakugou attacks Midoriya with everything he?s got. Causing explosions and even wounding Midoriya?s leg at one time. Bakugou tells Midoriya that during their childhood days, Midoriya would always follow him around. No matter how many times he bullies him, Midoriya would continue to trail behind him.

What irritates Bakugou is that, despite him being the weakling back then, Midoriya managed to get ahead of him. He continues to demand Midoriya to fight. He know charges with his right hand swinging forward. Midoriya prepares to block this but then Bakugou changes his attack into a kick, throwing off Midoriya.

Bakugou takes advantage of defenseless Midoriya, however, Midoriya is able to counter using One For All Full Cowl that knocks off Bakugou.

Bakugou?s Pain

Boku no Hero Academia 119 Spoilers

Good ol? Midoriya asks Bakugou if he is alright. Irritated, Bakugou tells him to stop worrying about him and to fight him again. He still could not let go of the fact that their roles are now reversed.

Bakugou starts to reveal the burden he is carrying, blaming himself for All Might?s end. He goes to regret being kidnapped back then and not being strong enough. Had that been the case, WAll Might would still be hero. Midoriya realizes that this secret has been causing Bakugou anxiety and pain.

The chapter ends with Bakugou attacking Midoriya once again. This time Midoriya hits Bakugou?s face with his One For All Full Cowl Shoot Style. Midoriya believes this fight is meaningless, though he also believes he is the only person who can understand Bakugou.

Midoriya intends to fight seriously now without holding back.

In Boku no Hero Academia 119, rumor has it that these two delinquents might be expelled from U.A. because of this fight. Some say though it will only be a suspension since All Might and Eraser will come to their side. However, many believe that this event will cause All Might?s secret to be revealed.

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