Boku no Hero Academia 116 Spoilers: Rise of Villains; League of Villains Convene

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Boku no Hero Academia 116 Spoilers

Here are spoilers for chapter 115 and Boku no Hero Academia 116.


Chapter 115 opens with a man looking over the streets. He contemplates an important aspect in life. This same man seems to be annoyed at other people, especially with their expressions. Ever since the retirement of All Might, everyone has been anxious because of his absence. They worry about the negative consequences it will bring.

It seems like the people lack confidence in the next number one hero, Endeavor. Many dislike his attitude and could not accept him as All Might?s successor. The man also believes that Endeavor is an ordinary person, pretending to be superhuman. Despite his high number of resolved cases, his disposition prevents him from being likeable.

As the man walks outside, he thinks that the weakening spirit of Heroes is the issue and not their power. A voice inside his head disagrees and says that it?s all about power. Suddenly, he witnesses a robbery, a villain is stealing a service counter. A Hero tries to stop him, but this villain?s companion hits his head with a crowbar. As the villains escape, the announce themselves as the ?Reservoir Dogs?. As the man continues to watch the crime scene, he becomes convinced that with All Might gone, villains will rise.

Boku no Hero Academia 116 Spoilers

League of Villains

The same man takes a phone call from Giran, a broker for the League of Villains. Giran reveals that the black market is having a resurgence and requests for suits. He informs the man that Tomura Shigaraki wants the League of Villains to convene.

Since the League of Villains are scattered, this helps them conceal themselves from the investigations as well as to find individuals for their expansion. Dabi confronts a group of thugs in an alley and burns them for being trash. Meanwhile, the man begins to split and had to put on a mask to allow him to stay as one. He then reveals his identity as Jin Bubaigawara, better known as Twice.

In Boku no Hero Academia 116, we will discover if Twice will be an ally or the next villain.

We will also find out who All Might is talking to in prison. Surely a big war against the League of Villains is brewing and will happen very soon. Are Midoriya and the gang ready to face them?

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