Boku no Hero Academia 109 Spoilers: Deku is Cheating?

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Boku no Hero Academia 109 Spoilers

Chapter 108 aptly titled “Rush” feels like we, readers, are rushing as well to know if all of our beloved UA heroes pass the first round. With only a few slots left, the rest of the UA and Ketsubutsu High struggle to finish the exam as fast as they could. Here are chapter 108 highlights and Boku no Hero Academia 109 spoilers.

Borrowed Power

Sero, Uraraka, and Deku passed the first round, which brings the total examinees advancing to 82. At the Ante Room, Denki congratulates the three while Bakugou says in disbelief, ?Deku you piece of shit, you passed too?? Deku tells him that he did and finds it awkward that they?d be speaking again after the Kamino incident. Bakugou adds before walking away that he sort of expected that Deku would pass because of his power. ?That borrowed power, did you make it your own?? Bakugou asks Deku.

Bakugou?s expression while asking this is quite suspicious, as he might be misunderstanding things and surely that would lead to trouble.

In Boku no Hero Academia 109, we just might discover where Bakugou is going with this.

Is he envious? Does he feel like Deku is cheating? With his personality, an event such as passing or topping the exam would perhaps trigger him to push Deku to his limits, or perhaps tell the whole class that Deku has been using a borrowed power. More so, telling everyone that it?s All Might?s power and this will cause a major rift among Class 1-A.

Boku no Hero Academia 109 Spoilers

Although, some fans say this would unlikely happen as Bakugou doesn?t see Deku as a rival anymore. He may be pissed with the fact that All Might has lent his power to Deku, but because Bakugou?s character seems to have matured, perhaps he?s just being critical. It can be said that maybe Bakugou wants Deku to make that borrowed power his own and for Deku not to hide under All Might?s shadow.


The last 8 students from UA struggled a bit to pass. Iida and Aoyama were in on a?pinch as they?ve become targets of numerous students from different teams. Aoyama decides to flash a laser from his belly as a desperate move. Luckily, the rest of class 1-A finds them. Kouda uses doves as a distraction; Tokoyami attacks with his Black Ankh to knock down two opponents; Mineta uses his sticky balls to which Ojiro hits to the ground to immobilize opponents as well; Hagakure then uses a blinding light to distract other examinees and to allow them to attach balls to their opponents. Mina tells Aoyama that they wouldn?t find them if not for his laser.

Included on the 100 passers are the 8 students students from Ketsubutsu and 2 students from Shiketsu, Inasa and shape-shifter, Kemi.

Round 2

Mera announces that the next round will be the last stage of the Provisional Hero License Exam.The 100 examinees will be conducting rescue maneuvers on a disaster site. For sure these grannies and brats will make this one helluva round.

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