Boku no Hero Academia 108 Spoilers and 107 Highlights: It?s Rescue Time?

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Boku no Hero Academia 108 Spoilers

Chapter 107 seems to be all about teamwork. It continues with Bakugou and Denki?s fight against a Shiketsu High Second Year Student, who we now know as Shishikura Seiji. We?ve known Bakugou for always fighting solo, however, during this fight, he was able to rely on Denki?s help to defeat Seiji. Here are chapter 107 highlights and Boku no Hero Academia 108 spoilers.

Bakugou teams up with Denki and Kirishima

Seiji?s Quirk is called Processed Meat. This Quirk allows him to crumple human flesh and completely change its shape. Through this, Seiji can confine bodies by rolling them up into a ball of meat. Such is the fate of Bakuguou when he got hit.

Good thing Denki remembers Bakugou?s grenades and aims for Seiji. Once Seiji had his guard down, Denki zaps him, bringing back his prisoners as well in their original form. Bakugou and Kirishima finishes Seiji off only to find themselves battling the other students who were previously kneaded into balls of meat.

This promising trio proves to be a force to be reckoned with. It seems that because of their teamwork, they are able to advance to the second round. We?ll surely see more of this trio in Boku no Hero Academia 108 and beyond.

UA Team Advances

Deku?s strategy works well for the three of them (Uraraka, Sero, and Deku). They executed their immobilization plan smoothly and are able to pass the first round. Together with 79 other passers, the UA team is consistently hard to score against. They did not lose a single classmate in the first selection process.

Boku no Hero Academia 108 Spoilers

Heroes to the rescue

The last page of chapter 107 shows a group of extremely old and extremely young(?) people, who just might be part of the second exam.

There is a possibility that in Boku no Hero Academia 108, the second exam would be about rescuing.

We all know that rescuing people is a top priority of a hero, so it is really appropriate that this ability should be tested. From the looks of these grannies and brats, surely, they will make the second exam difficult for our aspiring heroes.

Are you happy that everyone in UA passed the so called warm up round? Share your thoughts below.

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